Thursday, December 24, 2009

Welcome to the
Fitter Faster Stronger blog

There's only so much I can tell you lot during Team Training sessions, and only so much you can absorb. The right type of training regularly is half the equation, and the other half is what you do between sessions.

Let's face it - as an example - sometimes you'll spend an hour at training, then the rest of the day undoing the good you've done with bad or poorly informed eating choices.

So I thought, I need a way to be able to pass on advice, ideas, contacts, inspiration and motivation. I thought maybe a 'newsletter'... maybe an 'e-newsletter'. And then someone said 'what about a blog'...

...'A what?'

So here I am. Blogging. 'Embracing technology'. And hopefully from time to time passing on some information or advice to help support you between sessions, to make the most of your time during sessions.

And get the results you've committed to and deserve.

So stay tuned in 2010.