Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 is your year

Well thats the wind-up of week 5 out of the way. This week is the first block for 2010.
Round the Bays is coming up in 48 days, are you keen?

This year we want a bus-full of people to go to the Tough Guy and Gal mud run, in July. All those of you who did it last year know how much fun it is. Lets make it bigger than last year.
Tongariro Crossing, the most beautiful walk in the world, who is keen for this? Once we have a minimum of 20 people we will start organising this.

Cindy and I have just come back from competing in the Wakaama Nationals, at Lake Karapiro, as extreme novices we put ourselves up against the nations best, didn't bring home any medals this year, next year for sure! BUT we had heaps of FUN, come join our club Aratika, a real family based type of watersport. We can train you for this.

Wilderness Workout - those of you who remember these, will know they are great fun, we will be doing these again in 2010, YAYYY! Also the Amazing Race, YE-AH!
Do you have another event you want to go for this year?

If you really want to get results this year, the most important thing is to be consistent with your training. Getting in shape doesn't happen overnight and when you reach your desired weight or shape you need to maintain that with TeamTraining and a sensible diet. Its not that hard, just make good choices. And to do that, we have a list of recommended professionals for you to use, alongside of US. They will be posted on our new updated web site in a few weeks, so watch this space www.teamtraining.co.nz

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