Friday, January 29, 2010

Sports Massage

A lot of questions were fired at us every week. Here we will post articles from the people who we recommened you use. First up is James with Sports Massage...

Benefits of Sport and Remedial Massage

Whether you’re an elite athlete, take part in sport socially or someone who spends all day at the office or in the car, you can benefit from sport & remedial massage.

The techniques the Recovery Room uses can release the tension that builds up in the body’s soft tissues due to over-use, after injury or through inactivity; such as sitting in front of a PC all day.

Sports massage can have many benefits:
  • Increase the quality and quantity of training by reducing recovery time after exercise and competition
  • Prevention of injury - through regular monitoring of the condition of muscles and other soft tissues
  • Improved muscle flexibility and associated range of movement
  • General reduction of stress and tension; helping you achieve your optimum performance
  • Effective rehabilitation after injury
  • Enhanced immune system
The ultimate goal is to improve your performance and enhance your enjoyment of sport.

Remedial massage can have several benefits:
  • Relief for tired and aching muscles
  • Improved posture and general body awareness
  • Aid rehabilitation after an injury, accident or operation
  • Enhanced immune system
  • Physical relaxation of the soft tissues can also lead to mental relaxation
  • Improve the quality of your life!
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