Thursday, April 22, 2010

Training & Eating

Talk about being slack! I started this and haven't kept it up, so now we are going to let all you teamtrainers know about it. That should keep me honest.

Waka ama

As most of you know, Cindy and myself have been doing Waka ama (outrigger canoe) for the last 18months. We love this sport you compete with the best bunch of people you could hope to meet.

Low impact, so no broken bones sprains etc. As you all know the older you get the harder it is to bounce back from injury. This sport enables as to use our gym training, compete, and not get hurt. Unlike a lot of you who always seam to be hurting yourselves, playing social sport.

I encourge you to come down to the club and give it a go its addictive.

Team Training

The results we see at the end of each and every T/T 5 week block just blow us away. New people getting fit and enjoying there training. The hard core who come to each and every block not missing a day pushing themselves to levels they didnt know they could acheive. You guys rock! keep up the AMAZING WORK.

The weather is starting to cool down but don't let it put you off your training. A polyprop under your t-shirt is all you need just make sure you bring something warm to wear before and after training. Also NewWorld sell Thermotech gloves, only $10, that will keep those fingers of yours warm as toast.

Food & Eating - the second installment

Food has far more functions that just making us feel full. It can control the way we look, think, feel and function. Every cell of your body needs energy and certain nutritional goodies to work! Despite this, we rarely make decisions about food based on what our body needs - most of us eat when the clock indicates it’s time, or because after a glass of wine with friends, we just can’t resist that delicious looking cheese!!

When it comes to food, the first step to making better choices is to have a clear understanding of what nutrients your body needs to keep it working at its best! The truth and reality is: we don’t need saturated fat to make our bodies work, and sugar is not helpful for most people and provides no other nutrition than the burst of energy it supplies. The flip side of this is that for our bodies to work at their best, we need to focus on the time we are eating our meals. Also, remember in NZ there are several things we need to be aware of, such as...many of us don’t get enough iodine (a mineral!), we are often short on omega 3 (helps the brain and a million other things...) and more fibre really would help us all...errr... ‘function better in the lower area!’.

Transforming the way you eat is not about DIETING and not being able to enjoy the foods that you love, but it is balancing up what you REALLY need for your body to work, with tasty treats which are only for now and then. For results from your training, look at the way you shop, cook, plan, serve, think and feel about food. To get the right food in – now and always - start by helping yourself make better choices, EVERYDAY! For more information about making good choices and being healthier now and always, check out

Claire Turnbull – Director of Mission Nutrition
Claire is the Nutritionist for Healthy Food Guide magazine, the Millennium Institute of sport, Newstalk Zb, Easymix FM and regularly features of TV shows including breakfast, Campbell live, Good Morning and Close up.

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