Tuesday, June 22, 2010


For the last 6 weeks I have been doing the Monday, Wednesday TEAMTRAINING at St Marys Ponsonby.

I loved each and every session, its very addictive. Pushing yourself each night to work up a big sweat. One of the hardest nights we had was 2 x time trial runs up College Hill, now that's HARD work when you are competing against your 18yr old son. He beat me each time, but he had to work for it, just like I worked hard to stay in front of everyone else. The point is you get out of it what you put into it. I would have hated to come 3rd knowing I could have gone harder and come 2nd. Icouldnt go any harder than I did and I was beaten fair and square! Give me 5 more weeks and I will take on my son again.

Always try and do your best, take yourself out of your comfort zone, that's how you will improve.

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