Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mud Runners Unite!!

Winter is just around the corner and that means so is the 2011 DB Tough Guy and Gal.

Last year we were 40 strong - a blaze of bright orange Fitter Faster Stronger t-shirts. And so far for this year's event, we have 70 mad mud runners who have held up their hands and said count us in!....


The Tough Guy & Gal, or MUD RUN as we aptly refer to it, is ALOT of fun. This is the third year we've put in a team and every year the numbers have grown.

You will get WET. You will get MUDDY. You will get a bag of advertising along with a CRAPPY MUG. And you will be BACK FOR MORE next year.

If you want to find out more about the event go to and to see photos of last years event, check them out on the Fitter Faster Stronger Facebook page

(and while you're there, hit the LIKE button if you haven't already.)


Well, it's as easy or hard as you make it. If you want to walk the whole distance that's fine. If you want to run hard, then the beer will be COLDER and the showers will be HOTTER when you get to the finish line.

DID SOMEONE SAY BEER?.. I'm in! How do I enter?

1) Fitter Faster Stronger team members all qualify for a $10 discount off their entry fee.

2) To be part of the team, you just have to buy a SPECIAL EDITION Team Training Mud Run t-shirt and wear it on the day (only costs $25 and it's better than the official been-there-done-that Tough Guy race tees)

3) You don't have to be doing Team Training to be part of the team - so bring a friend or unsuspecting family member - EVERYONE IS WELCOME.

4) You will need OLD SHOES and TAPE to - you guessed it - TAPE THEM ON

5) We will be doing the Auckland event on SUNDAY 3rd July

6) And, this is the important part...

ENTRIES OPEN APRIL 1ST. You need to get in early or you will MISS OUT! We have spoken to the event organisers and they expect it to sell out.

TO ENTER, go to and DOWNLOAD the entry form. Then fill it out, SCAN IT and SEND IT to

Then transfer your ENTRY FEE ($50) and T-SHIRT money ($25) to the Team Training Offshore Swiss Bank Account (email for details).

When we have received everyone's entry and payment we will send it all off. You will then receive your e-ticket 4 weeks later.

But wait, there's more...


Each year we have a different coloured tee and a special design on the back. And usually there's a spelling mistake, but no prizes for being the first to tell us, sorry.

This year the tee will be LIME GREEN with RED ink - beautiful!

And we are opening up the design for you guys to come up with the 'MUD RUN CATCH PHRASE'

The WINNER will get their next 5 week Team Training block FREE!!!

Entries will be judged by a special panel of ONE, who we like to call The Stig (more accurately 'The Stick' due to his enviable aerodynamic physique)

But wait, there's STILL MORE...

We have been given 5 FREE ENTRIES to the Auckland race. To make it fair we will draw them out of a hat and let the lucky people know.


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