Saturday, April 9, 2011


Week four is almost over and it looks like the boys are back on track.

They had their 15 minutes of fame on Thursday with Campbell LIVE (link) filming them - you have never seen two grown men so afraid of doing this. But they both rose to the occasion - well done guys.

I'm going in to see them this afternoon for their first boxing session. Yet to decide whether I'll do it in the car park out the front of the shop, just to keep their STAR PROFILE shinning brightly haha.

This week we'll be posting more recipes and the AUSSIE BUTCHER BIRKENHEAD will discount all the meat cuts that you'll need. So keep posted - don't miss out on the great specials.

And while you are in the shop buying your meat from TEAM JEREMY & TEAM JOSH, make sure you put down your $5 vote to BACK A BUTCHER - all proceeds to Christchurch and you'll go into the draw for the meat pack.

Week 5 starts next week, then we will have our 2nd measurement at the end of that to see how many centimeters they have lost.


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