Monday, April 11, 2011

35 Years Ago

35 years ago a documentary was made warning Kiwis of an obesity epidemic coming their way if they didn't change their lifestyle.

Not a lot of people took the warning seriously, and we are now the 3rd most OBESE nation in the developed world.

One of the quotes which stood out from the show was 'it will effect well heeled white folk' highlighting that this isn't a colour or race thing. If you choose to eat the wrong food and do little or no exercise the fat monster will jump up and BITE you, no matter who you are.

Which leads on to another side effect - DIABETES. The cases of diabetes has DOUBLED in the last 10 years in New Zealand.
Scary isn't it!

So if you wont get off your butt for yourself, at least do it for your children and set a good example for them. They see Mum and Dad training and exercising and they will then think it's part of every day life, which it should be. T
rain and educate your self so you can pass this knowledge on to your children.

And speaking of setting a good example, our Butcher boys have had their week 4 weigh in....

JOSH so far has lost 12.4 KGS - That's an average of 3.1kg a week. And
JEREMY has lost 11.2 KGS so far- That's an average of 2.8kg a week.


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