Friday, April 22, 2011

(and I cannot lie)

WINTER IS HERE. And during the Winter months, it can seem like pulling on your training shoes and getting out the door requires that much MORE EFFORT than it did in Summer time.

And lets face it, there are plenty of 'good' REASONS that we can find to justify NOT TRAINING during Winter.

Infact, I'm pretty sure I've heard all of them (and might have used the odd one myself).....

BUT I'm too busy
BUT it's raining
BUT it's cold
BUT I don't know where to start
BUT did I mention it's raining!!

And a personal favourite - courtesy of a friend's overweight teenager daughter:-

"BUT I need an iPod to start running"

If you DON'T WANT TO DO SOMETHING, then you will always find a "BUT..." to stop you. If you don't want a result bad enough, a BUT will help you to justify why you’re not willing to do WHAT IT TAKES to achieve that result.

And sadly, if we say "BUT" enough times, sooner or later we actually start to believe the stories we're trying to convince everyone else of.

BUT, as Tony Robins aptly put:-

"those people who say BUT a lot, often have a BIG ONE!..."

AND, it's time for a REALITY CHECK:-

In a few short months, come September, WINTER WILL BE FADING.

With Summer just around the corner again, where do you want to be? - a few months AHEAD or a few months BEHIND?
Your BEST Summer yet or another spent playing 'catch up', avoiding beaches and bikinis till you've shed those Winter pounds?

Now is the time to choose. Will you let your REASONS stop you or will you suck it up, pull on your training shoes and get out the door?....

Trust me - and the regulars who come to Team Training year round - if it's RAINING, dress appropriately and once you're warmed up you won't even notice...

"There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing".

AND as a bonus, the thermogenic effect of exercising will keep your body temperature warmer throughout of the day.

If you're too busy to exercise, what else are you too busy to do?... too busy to take the stairs? too busy being warm and cozy in bed at 6am instead of joining us at Team Training ...

There are ALWAYS options - busy-ness is not an excuse.

And not knowing where to start is great reason to never start at all. BUT Getting off the couch and moving is a pretty good first step

.....For every 'BUT' there's always a DIFFERENT POINT OF VIEW if you choose to look for it. 'BUTS' are not truth or fact - they are simply the stories we tell ourselves and others to make things 'right'.

And we can make a choice to tell ourselves different, more empowering stories.

My friend's teenage daughter DID eventually get her iPod, BUT she didn't start running AND she's still overweight.

So, the next time you catch yourself saying BUT, think about what you're really saying. Are you just being lazy? Are you maybe more committed to being warm and comfortable than getting FIT and HEALTHY?

Then think of what that BUT is really costing you - Your Health? - Your Happiness? - Your Best Summer Yet?

Then make a choice.


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