Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Excuse #3

Good morning, What a fantastic morning it is! Both morning teams worked really hard and achived things they thought they never could. Brillant keep it up.

Excuse buster #3

*Excuse #3 - Knee, ankle, or leg injury so haven't worked out:
Ok, so now you're saying that just because you have a leg injury, that somehow your upper body no longer works? Even if you need to walk in there on crutches, and then do nothing but seated upper body exercises, that's a lot better than doing nothing and letting your entire body get weak and soft during the time while your leg heals. Knee or leg injury excuse busted!

Now don't get mad at me about these injury excuses... Believe me, I DO understand that there are some serious injuries and disorders that do prevent some people from doing any exercise at all. However, for most minor injuries, there's no excuse not to at least continue doing some form of exercise.

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