Wednesday, May 26, 2010


winter weight warning...W.W.W.How many of you reached the goals you set for yourself over the summer?Did Valentine's Day get in the way or was it Easter?? So it didn't go as well as you wanted......And chances are its only going to get worse over the winter..........UNLESS YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT ITWhy not come and join us for TEAMTRAINING- get fit, stay in shape, and keep those winter kilos at bay [or lose the ones from last winter that stayed with you over summer]. Does this sound familiar??Make a positive change in your life, do something for YOU because no one else will.WE are here to HELP and encourage you to reach your goals.Come down for a trial workout - we are all over auckland you can join in at any time. START MOVING TOWARD YOUR GOAL TODAY WITH TEAMTRAINING fitterfasterstronger

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